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Frequently asked questions


End Point Assessment – What is it?


End Point Assessment is a new type of assessment for all apprentices who are reaching the end of their Apprenticeship (this is usually 12-18 months). There are a range of people involved in deciding if the apprentice is ready to be tested – the training provider, employer and EPA organisation. 

The assessment is ‘synoptic’. This means that the assessment takes an overview of the apprentices’ competence.

There are different types of assessment which include; multiple choice tests, professional discussion, presentations, observations, personal statements, written testimonies and show cases. 

Each Apprenticeship standard has a specific set of criteria which need to be met in order to achieve a certificate.

Some assessments have a grading criteria; e.g. pass, merit or distinction.

How does EPA link with the new Apprenticeship Standards?


It’s up to the employer and training provider (or college) to choose an end point assessment organisation that meets their needs.

End Point Assessment occurs when a defined period of training has been completed, this is a minimum of 12 months or longer, depending on the apprenticeship standard requirements.

Apprentices need to be ready to be assessed, and this is the responsibility of their employer and their training provider. EPAB can provide support materials to make sure the apprentice is ready and confident to take their end point assessment.

Once the apprentice is ready, The Gateway process starts and the assessment process can begin

Who can offer end point assessment (EPA)?


The Register of End Point Assessment Organisations provides a defined list of those organisations that have been assessed as being suitable to conduct independent end point assessment of apprentices.

EPAB ensures and maintains independence to ensure impartiality. All EPA is separate from the training activity. 

 You can access the register using the link below


How does EPA work?


How does EPA work?

Apprentices will need to have completed all additional elements of their apprenticeship before the final assessment commences, and this will include their functional skills and any qualifications that are in the standard. Please see the page for the standard that applies to you or your apprentice for further details. 

EPAB will provide sample assessment materials that can be used by training providers and employers through the training activity so that there is a clear understanding of what is required at the assessment stage. 

An end point assessor will be assigned to each learner to support with the assessment process. This will involve planning the assessments required, and these may need to be done in a certain order within a certain time frame.

If an apprentice does not reach the required score for an assessment, they may be able to retake the assessment or they may have to do some more professional training. More details on this will be provided depending on the standard to be achieved. 

EPAB is responsible for claiming the Apprenticeship certificate from the Education and Skills Funding Agency.

How much does it cost?


Please contact us for a pricing plan and to find out more about the services that EPAB can offer you. We will be pleased to discuss your specific requirements and understand where we can add value to the apprentice’s end point assessment.

Registration of an apprentice through EPAB should take place in the first six weeks of their Apprenticeship. We understand that this doesn’t always happen or that circumstances change so we are pleased to offer a time responsive service.

Upon registration, a 10% fee is payable for each apprentice. 

A date for Gateway will be agreed upon registration. Payment of the 90% will be made within 30 days of the learner reaching their Gateway date. The learner will have three months from their Gateway date in order to complete their assessments. 

Our standard prices include administration, the assessment planning meeting, workbooks, sample assessment materials, assessment guidance, all the assessments required by the assessment strategy and access to the OneFile e-portfolio system. 

For other assessment components, please see our pricing guidelines

External Quality Assurance


External Quality Assurance is required for end point assessment and EPAB work with external quality assurers for each standard. There is no additional charge for this condition.