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Lead Adult Care Worker

Apprenticeship Standard

The Lead Adult Care Worker Apprenticeship is a combined programme of learning ensuring that the required skills and knowledge are developed.

Core behaviours are also integral to the standard.

 The achievement of the Apprenticeship Standard will signify a recognition of competence and provide a pathway for progression to higher levels of skills development in the care sector. 

It usually takes 12-18 months to complete the required elements of this standard.

This Apprenticeship is suitable for those who are working in a frontline supervisory role, supporting adults who have care and support needs in their daily lives. Job titles suitable for this Apprenticeship include Care Supervisor, Senior Support Worker and Senior Care Worker.

An apprentice’s programme of study will take place in a suitable care setting and each apprentice is expected to complete and achieve the following:

• Care Certificate which includes the 15 Standards of Care

• Level 3 Diploma in Adult Care

• Level 2 in English

• Level 2 in Maths

• Service user testimonies gathered in the last 3 months of the


• Self-assessment in the last month of their Apprenticeship.

Once these conditions have been met, the apprentice can attempt the separate, mandatory End Point Assessment.

The synoptic End Point Assessment has two components. The first is the Situational Judgement Test which is answered through a multiple choice test. The second is the Professional Discussion.

For an apprentice to achieve their final certification, they must complete and achieve both elements of the End Point Assessment.


Professional Discussion

Situational Judgement Test