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Situational judgement test

How does the assessment work?

The Situational Judgement Test is part of the End Point Assessment for both the Adult Care Worker (Level 2) Standard and the Lead Adult Carer (Level 3) Standard. This test makes up 50% of the End Point Assessment and is a multiple-choice test which is taken under examination conditions.

The test will last for 90 minutes and consist of 60 multiple choice questions. 

Questions will be drawn from the knowledge and skills elements of the Standard and focus on higher order competencies.

Material for these questions may be drawn from any part of the Apprenticeship Standard.

Apprentices who achieve between 25 and 39 correct answers may retake the assessment on one further occasion within three months.

Apprentices who achieve fewer than 25 correct answers will not be allowed to retake the test until they have completed a professional review of performance and acted on its findings.

Apprentices who are successful in achieving a pass, merit or distinction

can then go on to the next and final stage of the End Point Assessment which is their Professional Discussion.

In Brief

This is the first part of the End Point Assessment and must be passed to continue ot the Professional Discussion.  The test has 60 multiple choice questions and lasts for 90 minutes